1. The last time you had Kim walking out of a Sheraton and called it “church,” I thought Photo Boy had messed up. But, no, it turns out that Kim’s church meets at a Sheraton. So, first of all, my apologies to Photo Boy for insinuating that he couldn’t tell the difference between a church and a three-star hotel.

    Now, some of you may be wondering if Kim’s such a good Christian, and good Christians tithe 10% to their church (and Kim says she does), why, with all her millions, her church still has to meet in a goddamn Sheraton every Sunday. But when I tell you that her church WAS CO-FOUNDED BY KRIS JENNER, it all becomes clear: Kris has found a way for her whores to pay their madam (“pimp-momma”? whatever) under the guise of religious tribute. Bravo, Kris. And everyone thought Kim’s wedding farce was your greatest sacrilege.

    I’m not really kidding here. The Kardashians are supposed to be giving this church millions, but it can’t afford a place of its own and its amateur-ass website looks like this: I’d suggest Fish pursue this, but, y’know, Buzzmedia, compromised, etc. But I’d be surprised if we didn’t hear more about this sham (scam?) somewhere down the line.

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