1. libz

    Why are they taking pictures of her maid??

  2. Charlie Hodge

    So the appearance of not wearing makeup and not having your hair done is supposed to give off the impression that one is going through a traumatic ordeal, and thus the public will feel sympathetic towards you? Too bad for her we’re not that dumb.

  3. Jon Hex

    “Exploitation of black males’? Wasn’t it a white dude she paid to marry her?

  4. KK-Hater

    Too bad the plane didn’t crash and obliterate her, leaving all other passengers unharmed. This BITCH makes me SICK and wish she would just disappear. Die Bitch Die!!!

    • Jayme

      Umm excuse me but that’s not even funny! Keep ur rude ass comments to your self! I think Kim is lovley and she can do whatever the hell she wants.!
      I think your just jealous cause im pretty sure ur not prettyer than her, She is a wonderful woman and all this hating shit needs to stop!
      In fact if she killed herself cause of you, You would be going to prison…(:

      • Kay

        Actually, she looks like a sleep-deprived rat above. Noted, if she were to kill herself, it would be her fault. Do you support sex tapes for fame? Sex tapes for fame is absolutely desperate and sleezy. However, you’re talking about her being pretty. Let us name a few of her surgically “enhanced” features: lips, nose, and glutes. I don’t know about the breasts, but if they were worked on, I’d be suing. I’ve never seen a breast enhancement so droopy. I also love how you know how to spell shit right but you can’t even spell prettier. You, comrade, have made a fool of yourself in cyber space. What you put out here, you can’t ever get back.

  5. Ugh

    She should have her lip enpuffening undone so her mouth will close.

  6. Jill_Ess

    I’m so sad I couldn’t even sit through make up today, you guys.

  7. Her complexion looks great!
    All that piss must work wonders for her skin.

  8. MoCo

    come on – she has make up on, it’s just the kind to make you look tired, sad, devastated, human
    and for once she doesn’t have sunglasses on – how odd
    or maybe, just maybe… nah, that would have been too calculated…

    • Jayme

      Actually your pathetic! Writing hate comments? yeahh not even. Grow up! I think all this shit needs to stop! This is just messed up.

      • Jayme

        I would do the same thing if i were her! you know what she is going through? Umm yeahh well Kris treated her horrible! and i garintee u would never say this to her face!

      • sosickofkk

        bitch, your ass needs hooked on phonics. if you can’t spell which clearly you cant because it’s GUARANTEE, then keep your mispelled comments to yourself. your nice comments about kim is just as stupid as people making nasty comments because she doesn’t give a rats ass about you or anyone but herself…..SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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