1. spot

    really? you’re fake dj-ing? i wanna bend her over and punish that ass for this stupidity

  2. Marco

    She almost looks like J-lo here.

  3. Paloma


  4. fuck your shit up

    omfg. JLO aint got nothing on this ass or face.

  5. fuck your shit up

    dude in the back=definitely gay.

  6. slappy magoo

    Because it’s a facet of life I have zero interest in, I wonder if real DJs get pissed when celebutards pose like they’re spinning.

    OK, I don’t wonder. Couldn’t care less. Sorry for bothering you all.

  7. Mansk

    God shes dumb, annoying, and hot.. I hate her so good.

  8. Iwouldsofuckher


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