1. GeneralEmergency

    Nice dress there Kimmie.

    What color would you call that?

    “Golden Shower?”

  2. Nicole

    So Kim is still insisitng her breasts are real HUH, LOL……what a joke!!!!

  3. Why is this talentless fat fame whore and an awards show celebrating musical talent? Why? Seriously.

    • Justin

      Maybe she sings while she’s in the golden shower? That could be confused as musical talent.

      • Josh

        They let anyone in these days. Even chubby chicks that got famous doing bad porn. I bet she can hardly wait to take her butt girdle off and eat some ice cream.

  4. kimmykimkim

    “I have no talent whatsoever, so can someone tell me why I’m here? Oh yeah! – to fill up seats with ass. A whole lotta ass.”

  5. lentista

    look at the guy in the background…saying’ yea i jack off to her homemade porn’….lol

  6. jenna

    Why is this raving idiot everywhere? Is her selfesteem so incredibly low that she has to show herself off everywhere to get some attention for her battered self?
    I canĀ“t stand this fake, attention seeking, no-talent nobody. Just take her off the site please!

  7. Josh

    Thank goodness for support garmets. I’d hate to see what your big fat bottom looks like without the support girdle.

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