1. Frank The Duck

    Crazy Horse is not exactly a strip club, more like a Vegas show from the 60′s. It also costs an absurd amount of money to enter, drink or dine there…. and the girls are naked…. and in a spate of Deja Vu you feel ripped off when you wake up the next morning and it’s frezing cold because your pants are around your ankles, your wallet is missing , you are face down in the gitter, your ass hurts and everyone is speaking Vietnamese .. so let me backtrack a bit.. Crazy Horse is a strip club…..

    • TomFrank

      Wake up the next morning thrown in the gutter with your wallet missing and your ass hurting? That sounds a lot more like the old Crazy Horse Too in Las Vegas, except without the broken legs.

  2. Aud

    How come the strippers look classy and ScarJo looks like the prostitute?

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