1. theresa

    khloe and lamar good luck you to! i cant wait to uy your product,i love you and your family’s i can’t stand these negtive peopleon here.just let them drpwn in there own self pity,they have nothing,looking forward to watching the show and most of all,trying unbreakable on my husband.i love the name,it reminds me of you to,unbreakable. love you guys peace thresa

  2. Ish KabBibble

    Lather up, Theresa.

    By the bye, I have remained happily oblivious of a certain Armenian family and of the dubious charms of its daughters….but seriously? I do believe the grillwork of a 1967 Checker in so-so condition is considerably more attractive than that “girl” in th last photo.

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