1. Steelerchick

    that will get you know where. Until she has a video taped golden shower she’ll still be just the fat one.

  2. That’s not where nipples are suppose to be

  3. Hugh Gentry

    god damn, she has a fat head.

  4. bassackwards

    OK…first off, whose right nipple points to the right? I mean, shouldn’t it be pointing forward, and not seeming to be lQQking right @ her right arm?

    Regardless, this wookee is just disgusting…. I’m guessing someone else dipped their wick into Mom’s gene pool, because she doesn’t seem to have the family features… although, like her sisters, she is as dumb as a stump!

    Still, this family has a nack for being famous for being a nothing…. and everytime I see them, I just cringe. PLEASE GOD, don’t let THIS thing release a sex tape… I don’t think my stomach (or eyes) could take it!
    Kourtney… feel free, Kim, my screen isn’t B I G enough to get all of your ass, and you’re old news anyway…

  5. Shorty80

    Her nipple is trying to run away from her body. Far, far away.

  6. Dr Ha-Ha

    I’d totally screw her vertical neck fold.

  7. So we saw one of her eight nipples, what’s the big deal?

  8. Ron Mexico

    Damn girl – thats a nasty zit – you gotta pop that thing.

  9. j.j.


  10. M

    I’m pretty sure thats just a big zit.

  11. Makenzie

    “OH MY GOD I’M RELEVANT, of course I love it!” *thinks hard about how else to convince others to see her naked*

  12. From now on, I’m making sure I always have one exposed testicle when I’m out in public. I’m changing my name to Walleye Kardashian and pitching a show to E! Why should skanks get all the fame? I’m going to be a man-skank, a “mank,” if you will.

  13. Bond James Bond

    that’s not a nipple, that’s james bond’s superfluous third nipple

  14. RebelMinion

    The fame whore says, “Moooooo!”

  15. woooah! nip slips are usually manifested around the cleavage area… a nip slip around an armpit is just plain wrong!! eeeew!

  16. Laluni

    It’s like looking at an udder. Do not want.

  17. RickyLong

    You finally admitted what I’ve suspected for months… Your backing away from the nips. Come on man. Why the hell do you think we are here in the first place. More nipple damn-it. And that thing poking out from under her arm doesn’t count!!!!

  18. pumpkin

    She shoulda borrowed one of Lady Gaga’s pasties.

  19. duder

    NSFW capability has returned to the site? Nice.

  20. Michelle

    If I were her nipple I would try escape out the underarm too.

  21. MisterSuccint

    “Quaid… Quaid…”
    “Forget it, man, his fortune-telling days are over.”
    “Start the reactor. Free Mars…”

  22. bird

    MaOK… What the hell is it doing all the way over by her arm? Massive case of Wonk Nips…

  23. 397-K. Mandenscheid


  24. Evil Jim

    Why is her nip under her arm pit?

  25. kara

    i’m not going to lie… i love khloe & all the kardashians (no, i’m clearly not ashamed) but why is it that far over on her side? i’m confused…

  26. Scott Dizzle

    This is the inspiration I needed to finish up my Winona Judd fan fiction letter to Penthouse.

  27. Amominous

    It’s.. it’s smiling at me!

  28. Amominous

    Have you noticed that no matter where you are in the room, it is looking straight at you?

  29. Willis

    She’s hot. I’d bang the hell out of her.

  30. Thornnn

    Why is her nipple practically in her armpit?

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