1. Hugh Gentry

    god damn those are some great legs…what are they doing with Federline? He’s a fucking blimp.

  2. Marcus

    taking out the trash, wonder what her name is.

  3. first


  4. ????????

    how is it that kevin is dating up and brit is always dating down?

  5. ChiChiBug

    You can tell this girl works out…look how great those legs look!

  6. bernard


  7. bernard

    gettin’ the pussy ain’t it, it’s ‘cepting the pussy you get…

  8. one legged

    britney for the money.
    then he gets models who live off money.
    models fuck at least 100 guys in their days.

  9. SHELL

    Wasn’t he supposed to of lost weight on Celebrity Fit Club ??

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