1. Kayla

    Kendra should be home reading to the baby and putting him to bed, instead of presenting her whoring self at Beso to be photographed by paparazzis, and clubbing it with single people who doesn’t have a care in the world.

    Edward – single
    Britney – single
    Rob Kordashian – singe
    Rob’s friend – single

    Notice, none are married! So, who is there to tell this married woman with child to go home? None. All the married friends kendra had, they all deserted her – Tiffany Falon, and Jessica Hall are just a few!

    Where is the baby btw? Oh, with Daddy, while he has to go to work in MN, and Momma get to play in LA. Hahahahahah, Kendra is a joke, and a train wreck heading to derailment fast.

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