1. yeayurr

    who cares?

  2. guy rossi

    Her body looks good. Still dumb though

  3. yesyesyes

    I really hope this biotch stay in LA and continue to party and sun her ugly a$$ because no one wants her in Minnesota.

    As for the baby with Daddy, that’s the best damn thing she did for that child. When she is partying and whoring it up in night club, baby Hank is snuggled up close to Daddy who is keeping him warm. And Hank don’t have to pay the Nanny anymore, because his Mom and Dad, and brother is helping him with the baby. Good for the Basketts! Time for WIlkinson to go jump off a cliff and take her stupid trainwreck show with her. Darn HoHoHOHOHOWhore.

  4. Just because a beautiful woman is married to a pro football player, that does not make her a whore and/or a bad person. Yes, she’s made mistakes, but who hasen’t. No one is perfect and should not be judged, unless one knows her personally.

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