1. Nicolas

    I was 85lbs before I got preg, got up to 125lbs, which I loved! I got so eeictxd when I went to my appts and got on the scale. I hated being so skinny! I weigh like 105 now. Still not happy lol. I wanted to stay at 120-125. However I have a lil bit bigger booty which I love but im still not satisfied bc it looks like a roadmap!!!Stretch marks everywhere! And my boobs didnt move from an A cup at all! Any1 wanna donate some? lol. My stomach use to be so flat and now its a lil flabby only when im wearing tight jeans and sitting down u can see the rolls. Alot of girls complain about being big or overweight or watever, no one knows how it is to be so skinny every1 thinks ur anerexic and what guy likes a super skinny girl wit no booty and no boobs just flatness everywhere. Sucks guess we all have our own opinions about ourselves. only prob is all of you that are bigger than what u like u can lose the weight!!!! me on the other hand I cant gain any, my metabolism is way to fast. how do u think I feel lol.

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