1. john

    Best Shot right here.

  2. cc

    First, you let the guy see this tit right here. Then you rope him in.

  3. Ballin Collin

    Dear Diary,


  4. DonnieDingDong


  5. Double D

    The chick in the white bikini is related to the other three Kardashian sisters?!?! Kim has ribs thicker than that girl!

  6. elliotspitzer

    Go ahead. Say what you’re thinking. Go ahead. Love to hear it. Seriously.

    Chris Hanson.

  7. I'mCool

    Fish To-Do List:
    Fix site so when I look at picture full-size I can still zoom in even more.

  8. judd

    “And leave that damn top on or ur gonna end up with everyone thinking ur a whore like ur sister Kim”

  9. Turd Burglar

    I’d chew a turd out her sweet little asshole.

  10. john

    good to see that kendall is shaved quite well all around her cornhole. kendall has a perfect body.

  11. emma

    I’m twelve, and when I go on holiday I wear a bikini, so does every other girl I know! There’s nothing wrong with it, at least their not sunbathing naked or wearing thongs. They are appropriate bikini’s! You need to slakken off a bit.

  12. JLG

    the article that led me to these pics says that Kris Jenner is exploiting her kids & that she set up this photo shoot of Kendall & Kylie. I say that’s BS because clearly nobody is POSING for these photos. These kids are only being exploited in one way…by this website! I love Kylie’s bikini bottoms…it’s like wearing a thong w/out having to show your buttcrack!

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