1. Sumpalito

    She was offered to the Gods of Lust some time ago…

  2. Why is this a photo of a photo?

  3. stacy

    Her mom has an alarm set for when Kendall turns 18. Thats when Kris will make Kendall fuck a black guy. Kris is a terrible mother wo forces her children to do anything she says just to make even more money.
    Kris can’t wait to pimp Kendall out in order to get another TV show.

  4. Coming soon

  5. isn’t she pitt’s asisstant.?

  6. tim

    Sad isn’t having three other girls enough to whore out!!!

  7. Natalie

    shes really gorgeous but girl your 16! you have MANY years to do this, either way i wish i had your body,lol

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