1. looks like someone needs an ass eating….

  2. She clearly has a drinking problem.

  3. Paully Boston Baby!

    Water is water…unless it’s 138 Water. The sexiest most rock star water on the planet! I mean, just look at what will happen if you drink it…hot models will come and pour it all over themselves. Damn, who hired this marketing genius who realized sexy women could sell anything…ANYTHING!

  4. If that’s how she thinks she drinks, I’ll pay good money to see how she thinks she shits.

  5. She’s doing it right ‘cuz that ass is HOT!

  6. max

    I’m constantly spilling water on my behind like this – it’s so easy to do. I’m always like “oooops, there’s my water going over my shoulder onto my bum again”. ALL. THE. TIME. Tricky things, those water bottles.

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