1. bevo

    For the Uggs only, she should feel shame.

  2. Damn she’s tiny….she’s like a garden gnome

  3. deeq

    damn woman ! eat something ! how can Mark find her the least bit desireable all bones….. no meat . Her hubby is fairly short and looks rail thin like her , Gawd I hope they don’t pass their neurotic views on food off on their kids. I like Kelly not gonna dis her in that respect she is funny and seems to be a good mom/wife. But she looks anorexic to the point I’m gonna say she is anorexic ,there is NO WAY someone maintains that limited weight and not be restricting there’s just no way. After baby 3 she slimmed to a -0 and has stayed there, kudos for consistency guess to bad she ends up looking like shit for it.

  4. jessica

    she needs to gain some weight. she has NO boobs AND her face is loosing its fat and collagen because she is so thin. a tiny implant would help her.

  5. Liz Lemon

    Some women mistakenly believe that the thinner they become the younger they will look. The older you are the more you need some fat, otherwise you look haggard.

  6. luckygirl500

    I have watched Kelly for a long time ….she used to be beautiful and voluptuous at one time when she was on the Soap….what a little doll…it’s true we change as we age, but this is ridiculous! She is a bag of bones… how can she possibly think that looks good.?.. I admire that she hasn’t done the breast implants , but at 42 she has the body of a pubescent girl…Kelly…no one wants to see that…i don’t care how much you work out..a woman’s body is supposed to be soft and round not anorexic and hard ….you will regret this when you’re older…be careful. Mainly it just doesn’t look good….you’re old self was far more lovely….if this is what the media does to all you little celebrities ..who wants it…? most of you look like bimbos.

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