1. Meet you at the benches at the foot

    She resembles a heroin junkie from Edinburgh!

  2. I'm on my Period.

    She looks a helluva lot better than I do without my makeup on. Good for her for actually leaving the house without any on. This is what women look like people, get used to it.

    • alk;dl;akjg

      Ummm not its not. There are plenty of beautiful women in the world who look better barefaced than this troll does when she is in makeup.

      Makeup just means ugly chicks in disguise. Not how all women look in general.

      • morgaine

        Its not just the lack of makeup. There is something weird about her face. Too skinny, her skin doesn’t help either!

  3. Chupacabra

    Um, no thanks. She has no “color” in her cheeks.

  4. BeckyS

    Mickey Rourke?

  5. ..seen here finishing off a raw fish head, Kelly spent the rest of the afternoon playfully chasing down and frisking hobbits, in search of “the precious”.

    • Amma


      That is so PERFECT, I can’t stand it…..heeeheheee…yes indeed, even in this day and time I am still shocked at just how many people are still out there who are as bloody clever and hilarious as Little Richard.
      Restores my faith in humanity.

  6. Sally

    Little Richard, you gave me a smile one of few in my day. Thanks!

  7. Linda

    even in this day and time i’am still shocked at just how mean people really are.

  8. Val Kilmer is looking trim these days

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