1. Fat Chuck

    I’d still rather have the fat Christina on my face than the clown tranny that Kelly Osbourne is!

  2. ohonore

    Is that her shirt billowing, or a roll of back fat spilling over her tights? *Barf*

  3. xxaa

    Kelly Osbourne worked hard to get her body to where it is. She also worked hard to tackle her drug problem, both which are great things to achieve. And I know she is only getting back at Christina for apparently saying something nasty to her about her weight.
    However… she is not a 2. MAYBE a 4, MAYBE.
    I’m short and with a small frame and I am a 2. That girl is simply not a 2 and possibly not a 4. I think it’s safe to say she is more a 6 or and 8.
    She looks great, but not a 2/4.

  4. bill

    she looks like a blonde snooki

  5. tlmck

    Ma’am, it’s not necessary to smuggle the pumpkins out in your pants.

  6. crabcake

    Clearly, a first class pumpkin smuggler.

  7. kaysizz

    She looks great to me in this picture. (@ ohonore – I think it’s the shirt billowing.)

  8. ahahahahha

    She’s just making up for being annorxic half her life.

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