1. Lauraa

    come on, she looks pretty awesome.

  2. Doni

    Those clothes are stupid, but Kelly osbourne does look great.

  3. Kat

    She looks fantastic. The clothes are a little meh, though.

  4. Magz

    She’s turning into a bird, look at her leg

  5. Cock Dr

    She looks super cute. Nice ad campaign.

  6. wtf bruh

    weight loss does wonders for sex appeal. proud to say i rubbed one out to Kelly for the first time.

  7. bandarra

    am I the only one bothered by the very weird angle her knee is in?

  8. dan

    that angle in her knee is called excess photoshop, also in her face, arms, you name it.

  9. Glide

    She looks exactly like her mother, she’s gorgeous! You go Kelly!

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