1. Wtf. Is she jaundiced? Who the fuck told her this was a good look?

  2. TomSelleck'sMustache

    Gala = theme party

  3. Paul Phoenix

    John Travolta went a bit far with his new toupee.

  4. This is the laziest “Fifth Element” cosplay I’ve ever seen. The hair should be orange and the outfit should be white. Do your research Kelly.

  5. Robin

    good for her for losing weight, unfortunately no matter what she does (unless she has plastic surgery) she will always look like Ozzy in a dress. That hair color is God awful, is it grey on purpose? Her foundation is clearly the wrong shade, if she has a stylist they need to be kicked in the face.

    • Paul Phoenix

      I like the white hair, it’s striking without being gauche. The problem is the rest of her – and the glaring contrast with her foundation, or her jaundice, or whatever that is.

  6. Rachell

    I love her silver hair, she just needs the rig foundation…NC15 by MAC is what I use…the litest they have with a blue undertone. Silver is cool, so the shade of her skin needs to be cool too. Nice try though!

  7. Balou

    She only had time for a quick outfit change after filming her guest spot on Walking Dead.

  8. MarkM


  9. Glad she managed some time off. I’ve heard that Willy Wonka guy is a real asshole to work for.

  10. The Pope

    Look at it this way, she set the bar at an all-time low. Now she can only look better from here on out. Unless she eats a bat. Maybe.

  11. Elliott

    So, her job these days is to criticise people’s outfits and looks on a tv show. Yet, the bitch looks like this and dresses like shit most of the time. E! really does hire any asshole, ret*rd spawn of a celebrity for their shows.

  12. alex

    THIS. This right here is why I always keep a mirror in the shower. You wash the Shimmer Lights off when your fucking hair starts to turn purple. This isn’t a look, it’s what happens when you improperly tone.

  13. Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode.. Hey! That’s my cirrhosis! He’s stealing my cirrhosis!

  14. Her roots are the color of my 2007 Ford F150, and her face the color of my grandmothers toenail fungus…the lips I don’t even know if that color appears in nature.

  15. girlface

    She’s like a 30 year old improperly stored barbie you find rotting in your attic.

  16. cc

    She’s got diarrhea of the face.

  17. Rob

    This is what people look like when they have a bowel obstruction.

  18. Mir

    It’s not enough for Lady Gaga to appear as herself anymore – she’s impersonating other celebrities!

  19. haha!


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