1. Frank Burns

    Hold that pose long enough, Kelly, and you too can get your picture taken with Bill Clinton.

  2. ABC and Entertainment Weekly must be pretty hard up if they’re renting out their red carpet for these auditions for an all-female KISS tribute band.

  3. Nasty Butler

    Nice pose. I might be alone, but I actually REALLY liked Kelly with a little extra weight on her.

  4. mg

    OK Photoshop, you know what to do.

  5. amir

    I must admit, I’ve always wanted to see Kelly in that pose…

  6. Dr. Ike

    Nasty Butler,

    I agree with you, bro. I used to fap to those old Kelly Clarkson bikini pictures constantly. She still looks good though. I’d be thrilled if I could get a chance to bang her in the butt.

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