1. yo!


  2. tim

    oh come on she ain’t that great.
    i prefer slimmer hips and a tighter body. and her boobs are saggy once she takes that bikini top off…

  3. Hugh Gentry

    her tits are on the saggy side, but that’s a real woman!! Awesome body.

  4. moarboar

    wetseal has the same bikini

  5. suck it

    Her boobs are saggy? who the fuck cares, she is a real woman. Natural E cup sizes don’t stay “perky”. If you have seen the topless photos of her they don’t sag considering her size. Stop hating just cause she is natural!!
    Btw I love fake breasts too….

  6. FUK U

    who cares she has the same body as that Kardashian fat azz…minus the huge ass

  7. MK

    Her breasts arent saggy…they are real…..have you never seen real breasts? Only hard fake silicon sits at a 90 degree angle to the body. Those are nice full feminine breasts. Geez she looks better than 96-97% of women I see walking down the street. Guys that put attractive women down are losers.

  8. She has very sexy feet!

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