1. Yesplease

    I’ll take four of each!

  2. teabagger (think balls, not politics)

    So I click on one of the pics to check for camel toe in tights and instead get an ad for a mortage? That’s pretty fucking cheap. Way to drive those clicks up – thanks Fish.

  3. those HIPS…those EYES…that SMILE….holyyyyyyyy SHIT….

    just gorgeous. certainly in MY “top 10″…


  4. Obvious

    hard to believe billy zane was actually effn this chick.

  5. Anon

    There isn’t an inch of flesh on that woman that I wouldn’t caress with my tongue. If I found a genie, my first wish would be to have myself shrunken down to flea size so I could crawl up in that ass and bathe in her woman stank.

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