1. burton

    another old broad trying to be young…next.

    • no.


    • Chris

      What are you, 12?

      98% of this site’s male readers would faint if this woman walked up to them in a bar, whether they were 18 or 40. I’m pretty sure you’re in that group!

      Get over yourself :P

    • tod

      burton …..another old broad trying to be young…next…..

      So I guess what UR saying is that you wouldnt do her?
      Either ur 12, gay, or just a goof

  2. dre

    Old trying to look young, fainting in bars?? I think both of you are taking it too far. I don’t think she is trying to look young, she is just promoting her natural beauty. She is beautiful and she has large natural breasts, however there are many, many women out there that are just as gorgeous, AND it is a wonder what photoshop can do. If this woman caused you to faint, you might want to consider switching bars.. lol

  3. vix

    old trying to be young?
    who fucking cares!?

    her tits are disproportionate.
    horrible photoshop.

  4. doug

    burton we all know you are in your 50′s you old coot. quite trying to bang the youngins’ and get your cane!

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