1. fvalen001


  2. realist

    kinda chunky !

  3. Boo

    I would have to say even lumpy and bumpy!

  4. diego

    I love Kelly Brook as much as the next guy, but someone needs to explain the virtues of a bikini wax to this girl. Her razor burn is nasty!

  5. YUMMY

    This is the problem with curvy girls. They are always one meal away from getting fat

  6. jim

    Loving this angle, and all the neck beards calling her fat, you wouldn’t last 2 seconds with her.

  7. lily

    wow shes really chunked out. get on the treadmill and get your looks back ms brook.

  8. Feral B

    “Boys, really, I can’t feed this thing myself”

  9. LRonHoover

    BEAUTIFUL! And she looks like a WOMAN, not an anorexic stick figure.

  10. Bangers And Mash

    Looks like your typical Walmart customer.

  11. Penis Wrinkle

    Dear Ms. Brook,

    Frilly bikini bottoms are made for people withOUT hips/big ass/thunder thighs.
    Same goes for the top…that thing has to be shellacked onto you. Strapless = for little breastesesss…

    Seriously, you’re probably not as fat as you look in this picture right now. You usually do so well with bathing suit choices…WTF happened?!?!?!

    A bitch that knows how to dress to her body type. (which is non-fat, thank you much)

  12. Evan

    Just another fat chick with big tits -

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