1. Cock Dr

    The BF looks like quite the moon bounce super sex ride.

  2. Nice tattoo above your belt. you cocksucker

  3. cc

    Sigh, I mean, do you have to be covered in douchebag tattoos to date someone famous and attractive now?

  4. crb

    Wow, looks like she picked a real winner. Game over, Kelly Brook.

  5. That guy: better choice, worst choice or same ol’ bullshit that Jeremy Piven?

  6. gary coleman's ghost

    Kelly getting her swirl on. We black men do have our ways with thick white women, don’t we?

  7. david (guest)

    so thats Kelly’s type…i guess have, oh, NO FUCKING CHANCE THEN

  8. She’s into black dudes? YES! I got a shot.

  9. me

    looks like they both skip legs days

  10. The Pope

    Yeah, he really looks like a McIntosh.

  11. I always heard that joke about a hot dog down a hallway… This one time, though, I’d love to be that hot dog.

  12. This is the photographic definition of insecurity. A jacked up boyfriend who is looking to start shit with any guy who looks at his girlfriend the wrong way.

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