1. Daryl G.

    Kinda first, but, also that’s not really even that close to the GOLD bikini she wears. Jesus.

    • Deacon Jones


      And is anyone else getting pegged with a trojan virus looking at the Banner Girl posts this morning? (raises hand)

  2. Alena

    How on Earth is that suppose to be Princess Leia? She doesn’t even have the hair, let alone the proper bikini.. :S

  3. faggymagee

    OMG, look at that outfit. Its not even real star wars. I’m so gay that this picture actually makes my erection go away.

  4. Woofus

    I didn’t watch any of the prequels because they suck-is this a new bikini? I thought the old one had gold wiring or sumfin

  5. Woofus

    I got it! She’s a young counsellor Troi

  6. Hugh Gentry

    she kind of looks like Robin Meade here…mmmmmmm……

  7. fish troll

    WTF is with comments on the bikini – Doesn’t look like Princess Leia? – no, really??? Carrie Fisher was OK, but she was never this hot.

    BTW – I cast my vote for Kelly Brook as “Banner Girl” – enough of the wannabes.

    • Daryl G.

      That’s not the point, you fucking moron. This isn’t being dubbed as “Kelly Brook as Carrie Fisher,” and nobody is saying that she’s not hotter than Fisher, but this outfit does not look very much like what the character Princess Leia was wearing when she notoriously/famously wore a bikini-ish item.

      • fish troll

        geek much?

        looks close enough that any “fucking moron”, you included, should be able to make the simple association – the allusion seems pretty fucking clear to me even if unintended.

        Of course, the movie was so long ago and I don’t spend my life in the basement masturbating to it like yourself – so I’m not an expert.

        the fucking moron.

  8. tc

    Her crutch looks fucking amazing.

    I’m going to have a bloody good wank.

  9. nh

    Yeah, I have to say that I would not have pegged this as princess leia if it was not pointed out to me. She looks good, but there is something about how Carrie Fisher did it.

  10. kingofbeer

    She has the best tits. period. go look at the old NSFW pics. perfection!

  11. you_are_all_ass_faces

    You stupid ass faced morons.

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