1. mos rough

    You sure she hasnt been to Peru? That kind of compression on the body can be made by only one slithering animal…

  2. whats that? that on the left cheek? is that? is that a butt nub??

  3. Double D

    Depends bladder-control underwear comes in black?

  4. Ho.Lee.Shit

    It’s pretty apparent to me that you hate freedom Fish.

  5. Superficial?

    Not because she is famous she is supposed to have a great body…she is enjoying the beach…for that its not imperative to be skinny or tonned…right?
    your comments really make me laugh…you “americans” (USA) are sush idiots…

    • Jovy

      Let this beast come to your house and prance around half naked with such a monstrous body, and we’ll see who’s complaining then.

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