1. Dee

    She has the fucking body of a fifty year old man. Jesus Christ. I feel so bad for her…what happened? This can’t be normal.

    I’ve literally never seen a woman with such an unfortunate body shape…some are fat and have cellulite but god damn atleast they have a waste….

    • GodBlessuALL

      Maybe she has some sort of strange deformity (no offense) that she doesn’t want to talk about?

      Btw lol @ the name of this album ahaha

  2. star

    real sponge bob

  3. mando

    bad angle. bad everything

  4. Kay

    She puts on weight…in an odd way.


    Tan Mom needs to just stop…No one want to see all that…

  6. does anyone know where i can find a bikini like this? i really like him. Don’t like ke$ha …

  7. Oskr Ito

    Ke$ha is sexy

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