1. Knippy

    I spy with my little eye, a mullet! He tried to fool us by getting it wet, but he didn’t count on my family being from Tennessee, I know a mullet when I see one, wet or not.

  2. L

    Why is she staring at his nipple?

  3. ‘Look, if flex my chest like this. We are same!’

  4. argleblargle

    Ke$ha: So that’s what a semi-acceptable male body looks like… Well I guess I missed the mark a little.

  5. somerandomchic

    Gah.. he’s like a twig.

  6. cc

    ‘You know you’re right…your nipples are smaller than Smarties!’

  7. Jen

    I’m sorry Mister Penis, did I scare you away again?

  8. cc

    Ladies, you know a guy loves you when he deliberately goes out and gets a swimming attire that makes him look more ridiculous that you do in yours. What did he do, steal the them from a tubby 8 year old?

  9. No, she’s not blessed with the most symmetrical body….but geez yall’s comments are MEAN, not to mention…hilarious but still very very mean. LOL. truth be told: she does need to lose some weight, she carries it all in her tummy…girls with her figure look better thin and muscular…they just do.

    Kesha, lay off the carbs and hit the track & gym :) you’ll be good!!! btw, i jam her music.!!

  10. Smilee

    Shes trying to pop his tit zits

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