1. Tiger

    “Anybody got some duct tape to keep these balls from flopping out?”

  2. If Perry Farrel and a syphilitic hobo from Albuquerque gave birth to a child in a dumpster…there she is.

  3. They make an ointment for that now, you know?

  4. I didn’t realise she queefed in her music?!?!?!

  5. Classy, as always.

  6. Duck86

    The Day of the Dead guys in the back, are playing rock, paper, scissors, on who’s next to bang that whoochie. The last guy obviously gave her the clap.

  7. Some female performers are subjected to lewd cries of “shake your money maker”…but Ke$ha only hears people offering her money to put that nasty thing away..

  8. First Leto, now this – the whole “dudes in drag” fad is getting real old real fast.

  9. Looks like 1 Ke$sha fan has visited this thread.

  10. RoXanne DeMonica

    football shoulders and a shrunken head, i like men and women in many shapes and sizes but i can’t find this attractive in any way

  11. BOBO

    she is the most disgusting, ugly “thing” I’ve ever seen in my life! She is built like a man from head to toe. She has no talent and her songs are empty and evil! This woman is garbage! I am just sorry that she poisons young kids with her garbage lyrics!

  12. Timothy

    She is the soundtrack to smelly, drunken, public bathroom hookup sex. This is the reason blackouts were invented.

  13. Smarticus

    Looks like Brooke Hogan about to take a dump.

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