1. isitin

    What a nasty female she is.

  2. ethermonk

    The dude on the right is ugly.

  3. Damn, she needs to shave……


  4. Ali

    I think dumpster diving was taken to a whole new level..

  5. nooooooooo

    She probably thinks she was just making out with herself in the mirror again.

  6. Really?

    She’s really shooting high, that dude looks like Dustin Diamond…

  7. antoine bugleboy

    You know what? Just about any time someone says – hey, here’s some pics of someone putting their mouth where babies come from I’ll look. It doesn’t matter how fugly those people are – it could be Rosie O’Donnell’s twat and I’d still probably look, out of nothing more than perverse immature curiosity. But when it’s Ke$ha I simply have ZERO interest in looking. She’s THAT ugly AND she’s THAT boring. Amazing.

  8. Felix W

    There appears to be a vagina where the blonde man’s penis should be.

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