1. Josephus

    That has to be the guy who left the deposit on her stomach in those photos awhile back. Has to be. I mean, what are the chances that TWO men can maintain an erection while staring at Ke$ha?

    • brian

      Ke$ha is much better looking than Rosie o’ donald but that’s saying something because I give Ke$ha a 6 an Rosie a 2

  2. Herpetologist

    Pretty sure that’s Rosie O’Donnell in the window………….

  3. camilo

    how do u notice these things … lmao

  4. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    How funny would it be if he were blind?

  5. fukiyaki

    Is this like a Fringe episode of future Ke$ha looking down at present day Ke$ha?

  6. That’s not another person. That’s a banner they posted of her nude at the beach.

  7. fukiyaki

    Is this like an episode of Fringe of future Ke$ha looking down at present day Ke$ha?

  8. That’s not another person. Thats a banner they posted of her nude at the beach.

  9. Is this like a Fringe episode? Future Ke$ha in the window checking in on present day Ke$ha?

  10. SuperficialAdmin

    that person in the window has a better body

  11. Sweet triple post!!

  12. wait youre referring to keshas manish troll figure as the photobomb in the picture right?

  13. I just want to clear this up. You are referring to keshas manish troll figure as the photobomb in this picture right?

  14. Freaky

    Nice tits!

  15. Marc

    At first I was going to say that I thought whale penises were bigger, but then I realized that this is Ke$ha so it’s all about perspective. Still, I though Brian Dennehy was dead.

  16. The Critical Crassness

    It’s Ke$ha twin brother,Beat$ya!

  17. DogBoy

    not 100% sure its a dude.

  18. Rodrigo

    Eww, thats just gross! And the guy on the window too!

  19. Maybe Major Boobage is just doing the robot up there.

  20. Bucky Barnes

    I think what people are mistaking for an arm reaching for his junk is actually just a roll of flab. Conclusion, he is not masturbating in the above photo. That’s not to say he wasn’t one second earlier or one second later…

    Old fat naked guy: “Wow! This one-way glass is fantastic, I can see her but no one can see me!”

  21. JWP

    That’s not a dude. That is a fat lady.

  22. ominina

    jajajajajajjajajajaja super LOL!

  23. Hugh Gentry

    that old guy has some huge titties!!!

  24. stev0dd

    Looks like Jame Gumb from “Silence of the Lambs” finally finished that woman suit.

  25. Brett Michaels

    That’s hot, I mean that dude in the corner..not the slutty fat bitch.

  26. Randal

    She could turn a stright man gay…..but not me because I was born that way.


  27. Jock McCrock

    are you sure it’s a guy though? Love the way though some weird random joker can totally steal the limelight.

  28. haha-attack

    oh hey kevin federline.

  29. Knippy

    Looks like a woman to me.

  30. JeremiahStanfieldTheThird

    Which one is Kesha?

  31. Lita

    I think that’s a chick pleasuring herself to Ke$ha.

  32. Great White Pygmy

    Just another day in the land of Yinzers.
    Pittsburgh. Keeping it lowbrow for the masses.

  33. JD

    Wait……Which one is Ke$ha?

  34. JD

    Wait….Which one is Ke$ha?

  35. JD

    Wait……..Which one is Ke$ha?

  36. sunshine

    This thread is hilarious, everybody who posted, take a bow.

  37. ebaby

    Attack of the Ke$ha Clones looks like a shitty prequel.

  38. mfbinc


  39. Beltway Greg

    It’s a cut-out of a painting by an artist named Lucian Freud. Thank god somebody has an education up in here.

  40. Rusty

    Jesus christ that fat thing is disgusting, oh and the person in the window isnt so nice either.

  41. gaudi

    best photobomb ever.


    She’s been hot as lately, but pretty much highly-stress of haters.

  43. JustMo

    Whoahhhh I’ve never seen a eunuch before!!!

  44. I’m not sure what I’m more disgusted at…..the fat ass or the dude in the window

  45. Kevin Federline must be a fan…….or is there a burger king somewhere close by?

  46. Kevin Federline must be a fan…….or is there a burger king somewhere close by?

  47. GingleJanglez

    I remember this scene. You know that one in Whats Eating Gilbert Grape? Where Arnie finds Bonnie dead in her bed and they have to burn the house down. ‘MOMMA?! MOMMA!? MOMMA?!’ That Leo DiKe$hio can act.

  48. Brad

    He’s not fondeling himself… He’s just nude. Old guy earned it. You’ve mistaken his fat roll for an arm.

  49. jen

    oh mymmy god. that is so gross. he looks like arthur mitchell from season 4 dexter, after killing some chick in the bathtub. except with bigger boobs.

  50. Cory

    Why is the first nude pic I’ve seen on this site in about year a photo of a man naked. You’ve really lost your touch. You’re nothing but Perez Hilton with no doodles. This site used to be enjoyable, a place where a guy could see dirty photos. How does it feel to be just like every other lame celeb gossip page. Sellout!

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