1. first

    i would lick my own cum off those tits

  2. OMG!

    Oh thank god finally! I gotta go…….

  3. androo

    about god damn time!

  4. Captain America

    Thank you, Internet!!

    You’ve made my life better every day.

  5. Laraine

    Fake. The nips are definitely of a woman with naturally large breasts, but the head just doesn’t look right. Besides, Katy’s body is tanner than that one. Wow, i seem to know a lot about her. Creepy.

  6. kid


  7. GiggityGirl

    Damn, there’s no Jesus tattoo on her left wrist.. so most likely fake.

    Unless, wait.. when did she get that tattoo? Maybe there is a God after all!

  8. poopsmith

    fucking awesome!!!1 nice work guy!

  9. tannen

    oh man! looks good to me

  10. Ru-Ro$

    NICE! Looks kinda fake tho…. that’s an easy picture to photoshop!

  11. crlu

    i think we were all waiting to see these tig’ol bittys

  12. Russell Brand

    I fist a girl and I liked it.

  13. jesse

    beautiful massive titties!

  14. Matt

    I really hate to say it but I’m pretty sure this is fake, her face looks very photoshopped :(

  15. Fati87

    Nah.. Don’t like.

  16. Ru-Ro$

    You guys better save this pic before they have to take it down! I already saved it! Haha!

  17. no

    that isn’t her. she has blue eyes. this chick has green


    its about time. it does pay to be up late

  19. nah

    not real.

  20. RKW

    om nom nom nom

  21. CY

    That’s crazy. DMV is really getting serious about accurate license pics.

  22. Ru-Ro$

    You guy better save this pic before it has to be taken down! I already saved it! Haha!

  23. Mojo Nixon

    As much as I want that to be real, something about it feels photoshopped…

  24. Mike

    Well if it’s not real somebody get some help quick cause my hand and my peenie are fightin’.

  25. Matt

    I posted this as a comment on another image but I want more people to see it.

    Same bedspread, different girl. NWS PICTURE.

    • Matt

      Also whoever that other Matt is up there that isn’t me and he stole my identity I am calling the FBI.

  26. Gene

    Fake or not, awesome nips. Alll righty then…WE WANT TWAT!

  27. If it’s not real the warning came too late. Somebody get some help quick because my hand and my peenie are fightin’. And it’s taking a real beating.

    • street meat

      Clearly you guys surf way too much porn to pick up on this that fast. Thanks for ruining my fantasy come true.

  28. Felix

    Next time, check the EXIF data of a file , it clearly says Camera Type : Photoshop

  29. Jdashdog


  30. vsant1993

    there is a god

  31. ive clicked on every link on this page… how do i get rid of the stars?

  32. fuxyslot

    that’s a pretty dece photochop. good choice on the katy perry face photo

  33. Toocool4aname

    I wonder how many dipshits it takes the convey that this is a fake pic.

  34. lollo

    Wheres the uncensored pic?

  35. I still don’t know who the fuck Katy Perry is or why the hell she’s “famous”, but with cans like those, I really don’t care.

  36. Gando

    Those boobles look pretty real!

  37. onthetelly

    *right click > save as*

  38. onthetelly

    ah crap its fake, nevermind *file > delete*

  39. John Doe

    *tissue paper*

    wtf fake???

  40. johnwaynewasanazi

    Fake or not, looks a hell of a lot better than the russian crack whore original…

  41. Obvious

    Her tits aren’t anywhere this big…nice fakes tho

  42. waitingforcodot

    Nice call on the fake. The biggest give away is that I would be shocked to see Perry on such a broke-ass blanket.

  43. Deano

    fake or no I am still gonna beat off to this and imagine what its like to coat her jugs with my man juice

  44. alexa

    Dear Superficial,

    As a female artist, I am disappointed. My beginning Photoshop class created a more believable photograph out of Photoshop then this! Do NOT tease me. Sadly, in a few hours you will have to publish the Katy Perry face this was photoshopped from. THis is the SLOPPIEST I’ve ever seen you. SMACK, get it together!

    You disgust me,



  46. G

    soooooooooooooooooooooooo fake

  47. mightydanny

    Fake, she has a “Jesus” tattoo on her wrist.
    Nice rack though…

  48. Those are perfect, especially if you want to know which way east and which way west is at the same time. Well kinda Northeast ..

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