1. Frank Burns

    Her new fragrance must combine the genteel odors of Pepto-Bismol and Russel Brand flop sweat.

  2. Ninny

    She looks bloated, I’m skinny too and when I’m carrying extra water my belly sticks out like I’m 4 months along, it’s disgusting. If she still looks bloated in a month, I’m calling it.

  3. please

    How can you say she looks pregnant, when her stomach is flatter than most women’s? Ugh. Disgusting how anyone who doesn’t look like they haven’t eaten in 11 days is considered pregnant-looking.

  4. Forge

    No, she has the normal tummy that a healthy 27 year old woman is supposed to have, you idiots. A very cute one actually.

    • Douchekiller

      I would fuck it senseless but then no I wouldnt now that hiv carrying pansy boy fucker her russell the fuckhead brand

  5. Shieroc

    She looks great. You are crazy!

  6. Annie

    Not pregnant. She’s wearing satin which exemplifies the curves on anybody. Plus the dress is a retro style- check any fashion model from the 50′s / 60′s and you see the same curve. Can’t you people tell the difference between a normal female figure & a baby bump?

  7. This is Madness

    Didn’t think that Russel Brand had testicles.


  8. jono

    take away the false lashes, she is so plain


    she had it with one directions Liam Payne

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