1. Nice clip-on hair. Goes well with the clip-on career.

  2. JANE

    WILL SHE STTOOOOPPPP WITH THE STUPID HAIR COLOURS AND STOP LOOKING SO STUPID!!! I don’t understand why she can’t just look normal.

  3. If you’re wearing that at a kids’ award show, you’re trying way too hard.

  4. Adnamas

    She looks like she attached a My Little Pony tail to her head. That poor Pony deserved better than that.

  5. Anonymous

    A woman pushing 30, writing songs and acting like she a teenager but dressing like she’s 7. If she was a man, people would be raising the pedobear flag on her.

  6. m0lan

    don’t care what people say about you
    i love your sexy voice :*

  7. ps3fanatic

    (guys,agree with me on this) if I had a device that turns every non-living thing real,I would turn that slime bra into real slime,so it just melts off.

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