1. weirded out

    ‘giant brests’??? Oh c’mon, her breasts are great, medium-ish size, and perky. what’s up with you Americans? everyone that has normal breast size has huge tits? What a load of bull. Huge breasts are double D and E. These breasts are just fine.

  2. LL Beanie

    ^^ Thank you! Thank you, weirded out for pointing it out! I have always thought her boobs are average size. They are nice but not GIANT, HUGE, MASSIVE size that this stupid site is always going on and on about it. I think the owner of the site think anything bigger than an A is huge. Also there are many ways to make your breasts bigger than it is…chicken cutlets and bras to make your cup size more than 2 size bigger.

  3. Herman Bumfudle

    katy, you are the cutest little marine that i’ve ever seen.

  4. ps3fanatic

    lol its almost as if someone walked into the bathroom and she was like “i’m tapin’ down my boobs,so what?”

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