1. God she is so hot but I bet she has super huge nipples and saggy boobies

  2. Peppy lePew

    I have a convincing argument for her … IN MY PANTS.

  3. pooter

    NICE TITTIES, she also looked great at the V fest , big fan of her titties

  4. yayo

    i wanna motorboat those sweter puppets

  5. yowillie

    Katy would look great with a pearl necklace.

  6. August Teen

    They distract from her face and voice.

  7. Someone

    Q: How can you tell you’re gay? A: ↑

  8. GiorgioMoroder

    Nice tits but after Russell Brand, her evangelical father, and that Gym Class fag, she’s dirtier than snake shit.

  9. Hard 4 Katy

    I bet she takes it in the ass…

  10. ToTe Metia

    Melafo. Varias veces incluso :)

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