1. diego

    (Tranny) Surprise!

  2. Ally

    when she becomes a mommy i hope she stops dressing so slutty!

  3. skunk

    she looks manly here…

  4. Jeffiner

    she looks very ugly/stupid.

  5. Elle

    Also, wearing spanx

  6. Kiki

    She’s prob just on her rag. Not a big deal

  7. Now I’ll have “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me” in my head all night.

  8. KC

    I remember when Katy Perry was hot. And a woman.

  9. goober

    She’s on the blob, big, juicy, red blob.

  10. To appease her male fans, Kat Perry is maintaining that she is just growing a third breast in her stomach area. Her belly button will soon miraculously convert into a protruding nipple.

  11. jani

    Katy Perry pregnant…..oh no, that poor child! She is such a gimmick and can’t sing. Only kids 5 and under like her music…hey, maybe she can make a kids album now!

  12. The SHEEN

    she’s probably just getting fat.

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