1. Lisa

    Why do so many chunky-legged female singers insist on wearing outfits that emphasize their problem areas? Reality check, pop divas! A simple looksee in the mirror before heading off on stage will avoid mistakes like this.

    • Buddy the Elf

      If they had any musical talent, wouldnt that be enough?

      I never saw The Stones, Who, Metallica or any other legitimate artists wear such stupid outfits or try so damn hard. The music alone spoke.

    • amanda

      are you serious? she 9is still so skinny. i am pretty sure you are just jealous of how good she looks

      • Any Guy

        sorry amanda, just because you embrace your fatness does not mean it is accepted in the entertainment industry. if your job is to ‘look good’ for a living, you wouldn’t let your ass become the size of a medicine ball now would you? if you did, you deserve all the criticism that comes with it.

    • JetStar

      Ummm update, this just in, its not chunky its called healthy, and not anorexic. kthxbye

      • WotWot

        She’s not chunky, you’re absolutely right, but she still looks like shit in that outfit. In fairness anyone would though.

  2. Blue hair and dressing up like a bag of skittles is SO not cool.She´s a very beautiful girl usually,so I´m having a hard time wondering why on earth she has downgraded all of a sudden.

    Its ok to pack on a few pounds,she could still look sexy..but not dressed up like that.Why agree to wear something that makes all your shitty parts pop??

  3. Dennis

    Typical female move. Shitty marriage…….make it even more difficult and work laden by having a baby. Everyone knows BABIES save shitty marriages.

  4. Rayna

    Just because Katy has put on some weight does not 1. means she is pregnant.
    2. Or mean that she is FAT!
    If she is fat then God save us all cause they would mean every person that isnt exactly a twig means they’re enormous.
    and If she’s ugly. Then every other girl but be unsightly!
    C’mon now people. You wouldn’t criticize your sister or your mom or friends this way. so why do it to her?

  5. ®ough--one standard will do jussssst fine. Thx!

    Her husband is a progressive thinker, he should have no problem with this.

  6. lori

    That outfit makes me want to vomit.

  7. jen

    she’s not fat by any means, but she dresses in outfits that are majorly unflattering. It looks like she has gained some weight but we probably wouldn’t notice if she would wear pants.

  8. Coko

    It’s easy to criticize someone from your computer chair at home… get over it people. Katy looks fine… no matter how hard you hate!

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