1. That really is a bad bad look for her >.

  2. oblivion

    Britney has escaped on to the set of a cracked out Candyland, and is impersonating Katy Perry! Surprise and utter shock as she bites into gingerbread man, only to find hard plastic between her teeth (what’s new?). In her anger, the enraged giant unleashes upon the crowd a bazooka blast of her own sweat juices harvested during a recent feast.

  3. boing

    thats like keshas gross body…

  4. TomFrank

    I want to bite her dress off with my teeth. And oh, look! Her outfit looks like candy buttons! I didn’t even notice.

  5. Brooke

    When girls gain weight, we mentally still think of ourselves as being whatever was our least heaviest state after puberty. This is why we think changing room mirrors are broken. I’m sure Katy just needs whatever mirror she used two years ago.

  6. WotWot

    I think there is an antibiotic for this.

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