1. courtyardpigeon

    That is a very nice ass….though her legs look very short for her body

  2. Brad Hallston

    I love the guy staring RIGHT at her obviously-visible pussy

  3. deigo

    I would pay a lot of money for a frontview pic

  4. ThreeCheersForAnalingus

    I want to make out with her anus

  5. ThreeCheersForAnalingus

    I want to make out with her anus.

  6. Oh yes

    I love the smiles on ALL the guys faces!


    i have no words, butt just like the crowd around kat perry , i will just smile too =))))))

  8. lol@stray bullet

    as if a wedding ring would stop those legs opening up for a quickie

  9. seriously, yo

    she’s wearing the incorrect bra size.

    the back of your bra isn’t suppose to ride up that high…

  10. This series of photos breaks my heart……shot from THE WRONG ANGLE.
    No wonder those guys are smiling. They are seeing those big jiggle boobs tussle within that bra while she shakes off water like a golden retriever.
    Her music sucks hard, but she is just so damn cute.

  11. grimace

    granny panties…whats next a betty white sex tape…ugghh

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