1. Rupert


  2. ben

    look at all those happy guys in the first pic! lol

  3. Obvious

    If she was really hot, she wouldn’t be going out with russell

  4. Chico

    Where are the front pics asshole? Do we have to go to TMZ for those.

    Come on fish!!!!!!!!!!

    We need more tits n ass pics up on this site.

  5. Me

    om nom nom

  6. my god that’s a nice-looking ass…

  7. realitycheck

    its a nice ass true, but nothing remotely spectacular.

    everything about this girl is attractive, but in a “meh” kind of way

  8. Notsofast

    Agreed, she’s very meh. I don’t see the ultra hot attraction to this chick like Fish has.

  9. Yum yum yum. I’d love a piece of that!

  10. Guy Rossi

    I think shes one of the best looking women in music. BUT! She like many other good looking women doesn’t work out regularly. This stops her from being smoking. But anyway I’d knock the back out of it.

  11. asdf

    She needs to downsize the band on her bra, it’s not supposed to ride up like that.

  12. Hugh Gentry

    now lets see those soaking wet titties!!! She is perfect!!

  13. Rajeev

    I want Katy Perry on my bed!

  14. datroof

    why post pics of this stoopid talentless hoor if her tits arent visible?

  15. Rasta man

    Ivory snow …….Natural hottie

  16. Asslover

    men would i love to hit that!!!!

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