1. Hung Dong

    Me like!

  2. She is one sexy lady….me like!

  3. Frank Rizzo

    She needs to ditch the wigs. They make her hair Look like it was on the losing end of a Care Bear Bukkaki.

  4. joe

    So, I get it….
    Be smoking hot, start to dress like a freak or Lady Gaga = success and popularity in music today.

    • Nah, its simplerer than that:
      Be smoking hot = Success.
      (Then, not necessarily in this order: less success, sex tape, reality show, hit & run, detox, and finally stretching meaningless existence into utter irrelevance until reaching a nirvana-like state of leathery shaunasandness.)

  5. maya

    she looks stupid as fuck, i can’t believe guys are turned on by this photoshopped artificial crap created by other guys sitting in front of a computer. stupid as hell talking about california girls and their tans when she’s pale as hell. trying to be creative with her image um take off that dumb ass wig and try to sing and dance on stage in those heels, if that’s what you wanna look like now, and fall on your lame ass

  6. POcKy

    i Jus LOve HEr

  7. pyromonkey

    she most really like latex

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