1. lola

    oh she looks super pretty and curvy here- lucky Russell!

  2. bernie lomax

    I officially hate photoshop. I am convinced that every celebrity is about 20% less hot than they appear. This chick is broke. God damn.

    • The over use of photoshop *even when its not needed* is the reason that so many girls/women have anorexia,bulemia,low self esteems and a horrible self image.
      Publicity has made us think that women everywhere are amazingly sexy and flawless,and that *we* (normal women) are doing something wrong..we┬┤re missing out..looking like “that” is something we cant possibly aspire to,because we dont have the money,the time or the genes.

      Well guess what? This (reffering to this picture) is what REAL women look like.Our skin isnt flawless,our skin deosnt have the texture of a ripe peach or the colour of a sunset,our boobs arent naturally right under our chins,we arent supposed to have sharp edges and just like everyone else in the world..WE AGE.

      If this stupid world didnt concentrate so much on focusing EVERYTHING on men,getting their attention and selling them the illusion that any woman who doesnt look like a super model,then the world would be a better place.Even the most beautiful women are photoshopped to give them bigger eyes,fatter lips,longer necks,more sensual bodies,less skin flaws etc…Its FAKE,its a LIE,its simply a man made illusion thought up by those idiotic men who for some reason,asume that the women on this planet arent good enough for them,so they have invented a “standard” that doesnt exsist to satisfy their insatiable desire and fantasies.

      A woman can fall for a man no matter what he looks like,but men will always be searching for that “super model” in the magazines..well,good luck with that idiots! Is this why you are all so hyped up on searching for life on other planets???

  3. k

    Why the fuck does it look like her belly button is giving a side long glance? It’s all out of alignment!

  4. Rampage

    The only reason you would think she’s anything but smoking hot is because you’re jealous. Stop being jealous and go jog or make some money.

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