1. isitin

    I still don’t lie this chick, even with the big tits.

  2. ahshdhf

    you’re teh gay

  3. Karmen

    God she’s ridiculously perfect.

    My boyfriend says she’s a scary man giant, but I think she’s gorgeous. I honestly don’t think I could be around that ass without giving it a good hard smack or atleast a little nibble.

  4. pimp

    i want her to jack me off with her asshole…

  5. Remi

    See now? This is why I LOVE The Su-motherfucking-perficial!

  6. Hugh Gentry

    god damn I love this chick so much

  7. ilu

    First of all, I think she looks fine! NO ONE with non implants would look good in a bikini top like that…it isn’t supportive at all. And the bottoms aren’t that flattering either.

  8. Penus

    Something tells me she’s running low on Proactiv.

  9. RoniMikey

    Double bagger!

  10. yowillie

    She really needs a pearl necklace.

  11. shemp

    dang dang dang…now THAT is what a woman should look like…


  12. God is Black

    Fuck you all! All dickheads out there can have those botox, plastic surgery, Carrot Top tanned and fake tits Hollywood Cunts walking around L.A. K.P. has real feed my kids boobies, and not a skinny bones body but a healthy woman’s body with hips for baby making!

  13. I insist, she was channelling Rachel Griffiths on this set. And that includes Griffiths’ epic GOZongas (Oz Gazongas).

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