1. GuyLeDouche

    I think she was hired just as a cost-saving measure; if she gives all the Smurf boys blue balls they don’t have to create them using CGI.

  2. Mike Walker

    A fine example of the elusive female-on-female Hover Hand.

  3. Ugh

    Wind blows skirt to reveal underwear larger than most bathing suits= flashing. Sites like this should fight against puritanical bullshit, not perpetuate it.

  4. Herman Bumfudle

    that is hilarious!

  5. She has amazing legs

  6. arnieblackblack

    I just smurfed into my smurf becuase I’m smurfing my smurf. Smuuuuuuurf!!!

  7. Mrbeatit

    I’d tear that ass up. If I only got a chance

  8. Leo

    I want to smurf her so bad…

  9. Just_As_it_IS

    “flashed her ass at a kid’s movie”?? WTF? she’s not flashing shit, the picture was taken from a lower level precisely to reveal her undies

  10. Josh

    I want to smurf her really smurf…

  11. ChongHoi

    get him to the greek. but that scene got cut bcuease they thought it would be too literal for the audience. like he wouldn’t be playing aldous snow, he would be himself

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