1. Tommy Lee's Cock

    Fucks shes boring. NEXT.

  2. PixelsReview

    She’s not boring, she was just drawn that way.

  3. Colin

    Tits are WAY too small and hips are too linear to be Jessica Rabbit. Katy Perry is a foul whore.

    • RoRo

      Wtf? Who the hell are you to call ANYONE a whore? You don’t know that she’s a whore, if she is, then she as sure as hell is a happy whore. Jessica Rabbit is a fucking drawing you shit on a stick, you can’t compare any human being to a drawing, only their clothing or the way they look. For example, (if your dumbass has trouble understanding me) I can be dressed like Spongebob Squarepants but I can’t FUCKING SHAPE MY ASS AND BODY LIKE A FUCKING SQUARE :D. Before talking smack about this hot bitch, THINK. You son/daughter/thing of a fart.

  4. gillyatt9

    Fucks shes boring. NEXT.She

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