1. Max

    I wish I was water.

  2. diego

    WTF was up with this photographer? While, 15 photogs fought to snap the same 1,000 pics of boring-ass Miley Cyrus in her mom shorts, (s)he – alone – sees Katy Perry frolicking around in a tiny bikini, decides to pop off 5 or 6 shots and then call it a day? YDI

    • Jillia

      Good Lord people. I’m sure the pap taking the pictures wasn’t exactly standing 10 ft. away from Ms. Perry here. Sometimes they’re called, yes, but sometimes they get wind of where celebs are vacationing and wind up dangling in a tree from a mile away with a zoom lens the size of your arm. While you can get a great close up, it’s not going to be the same quality you get from close shooting with your standard SLR.

      They can’t get close due to various things like private beaches and “kindly” bodyguards.

  3. Legal Secretaries Need Love Too

    I would f-ck the bejoingus out of this woman. Her music is irritating as hell, though.

  4. A paper bag for her, a pair of earplugs for me. Then, let the games begin.

  5. Elf

    A face only a mother could love and a set of hooters a daddy will love. No idea why Mr. Brand felt the need for looking for perversion when it was right in front of him the whole time!

  6. decalex

    Good thing the photographer shot these with his 1995 camera flip phone. Bravo.

  7. Hank E. Ring

    Teenage Dream indeed!

  8. Stan Happ

    Hormones and photoshop. If i want digital resizing I can wank to an ASDA catalogue. And why is she Arizona Flats in the “I Kissed A Girl Live” Video. Her yellow playsuit does a fair impression of a waffle there.

  9. ze scoundrel

    God Damned!

  10. Keyser Soze

    Based on the asinine comments by Stan and Elf, wondering if they’re the same person(or, possibly, just share a brain)…. photoshop? Seriously? Doubtful, and even if it was, like you could possibly land anything NEAR that quality… .i’m not even saying shes a dime, but she sure as fuck isnt ugly, or close to it, and her body is bangin…Elf, not even going to bother to touch those moronic comments. You’re either blind, or gay. Or both.

  11. timmy

    That is a righteous set of tits.

  12. Terry

    Man I am jacking off to these picks tonight!
    Perry is banging like a motherfucker!!!

  13. Terry

    I take it back. I saw other recent pixs of her. The shit on here are photo stuff. Her body is really kinda fucked up.

  14. BenDoverman

    Switch her head with dad’s and then we can talk.

  15. Jade

    is she pregnant? looks like it in the last batch of photos

  16. Beth

    Getting tired of looking at these ButterFace photos every time you post something about her. Nice rack, but she looks awful. Give us something new (and hotter) of her.

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