1. Crabby Old Guy

    Absolutely no way that I’d be able to maintain eye contact with her in that dress. Damn my penis brain over-riding any breeding and civility. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh….big boobies….no…damn it, stop it…down penis brain, down boy!

  2. Motorboat Captain

    This zoom function is great, it’s like I’m actually motorboating!

  3. BigDaddy

    I’m an assman myself, but it does look like an ass on her chest. So not bad!

  4. CranAppleSnapple

    That does not look nice. Please put a bra on those saggy, pendulous norgs.

  5. bobalu

    Luv those tits

  6. Indeed

    Amazing boobs , but her face will always be kinda fug to me , i cant pinpoint why exactly

  7. dreamon

    Her eyes don’t smile :(

  8. M

    She probably has giant pancake nipples, gross.

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