1. JCKW

    Russell Brand couldn’t stand to not be around this face all the time.

  2. miguelito

    she looks like the CHUPACABRA here

  3. Rough--I will not have sex on Valentine's day, because it's corny

    Jenny McCarthy use to do this, now her face is literally stuck like this.

    • Cindy Elmwood

      I was going to post that I suddenly had a vision that Katy Perry = Jenny McCarthy with black hair, but you beat me to it.

  4. That’s actually a pretty good Russell Brand impression.

  5. GeneralEmergency

    They are seeing a counselor at Russell’s request primarily for his eroding self-esteem issues.

    Apparently this is her orgasm face.

  6. Kylie

    That’s actually a pretty good Jay Leno impression.

  7. Elmo

    No tits? Disapointed

  8. Terri Schiavo

    Nice photo. The moment Russel Brand turned on the vibrating egg she has inside her.

  9. MoFro

    Here’s what it look like when ducks make a duck face.

  10. Her ‘two seconds before swallowing’ face, I presume.

  11. Dick Hertz

    Take a good look at those lips…… about the size of a quarter…. Hmmn…. bet that about the size of it…. My eyes would probably look like Marty Feldman, trying to get my business in her neighborhood,,,,,,

  12. oohlilit

    How can a human being make this face yet show no wrinkles?

  13. Elf

    Is this from the Snooki-lookalike contest?

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